While some analysts are cautioning about a near-term pullback, or melt-down in the markets, others are confidently predicting a melt-up. Which is it? Liz Ann Sonders of Charles Schwab offers insight into the situation. In good news for the United States, the International Energy Agency says the U.S. will be the top oil producer in the world by 2015. Whether this actually means an abundance of oil is another story. Bloomberg looks into the status of the oil markets. Those who receive Social Security can expect a bigger check in 2014, while 6% of wage earners may pay more taxes. U.S. News explains how Social Security will change. Many at retirement age plan to keep working, and some will double their Social Security benefits in the process. Our last article explains how you can boost your retirement income.

Is The Market Due For A Melt-Down Or A Melt-Up? According to Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Market Strategist at Charles Schwab, sentiment indicators suggest there is a growing near-term risk of a pullback. Others optimistically disagree. Here is her analysis of the market trends.

U.S. Soon Will Be World’s Biggest Oil Producer, IEA Says-The U.S. will outstrip Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s top oil producer by 2015. Will we achieve total energy self-sufficiency?

How Social Security Will Change in 2014– Social Security payments will increase in 2014 because of the cost-of-living adjustment.  There will also in be increases in social security payroll taxes for some wage earners.

If You Work Past Age 65, Here’s How To Boost Your Benefits–  This article offers a checklist of key retirement planning items for clients who continue working past 65.

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