The latest numbers from the Economic Conference Board were released this morning, with some surprising results. Advisor Perspectives charts the latest trend and offers analysis for investors. In a deal estimated to be worth $10.9 billion, Atlanta-based Intercontinental Exchange has purchased the New York Stock Exchange. John McCrank of Reuters writes about the plans ICE has for the Exchange. We close this week with a look at your IRA and why you may want to consider having it converted to “trusteed” status.

Leading Economic Index (LEI) Numbers Released– Ken Goldstein, an economist at The Conference Board, provides analysis of the numbers released this morning and tells investors what to look for in the immediate future. The upward trend points to economic recovery with little risk of recession in the months ahead.

The New York Stock Exchange Is Purchased By Atlanta-Based Intercontinental Exchange-Atlanta-based Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) was established in 2000 and grew quickly through a series of acquisitions. Its CEO has a history of eliminating the trading floors of the exchanges his company has bought, but has vowed to keep open the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. What’s in the future for the NYSE, which traces its origins to 1792?

What You Should Know About Trusteed IRAs– In a typical IRA, your beneficiary takes control of the IRA assets upon your death. There’s nothing to stop them from withdrawing all or part of the IRA funds at any time. This is one of several reasons you may want to consider a “trusteed IRA”.

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